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Metro Coop Nuggets(MCN) on Real Estate Advisory.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Deal or no deal?

Real estate continues to be a reliable store of wealth that promises both high growth and low risk. But for the same reason, the path to investing into it is getting increasingly slippery by the crowd in of dupes. it is getting really difficult to pick out an authentic piece of real estate to invest in.

The key thinking is, as it is with all risks, mitigating them comes at a cost. We must learn to pay a token for real estate advisory separate from agency. The advisor must be paid deal or no deal, in that way, he is at liberty to give the best advice. That token will save you the big loss. The agent can only be paid if the deal pulls through, what do you think an agent will advice the deal is not secured?

At Metro Coop, we offer real estate advisory.

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