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Become a member

To participate in the home ownership plan, the first step is membership and registration. The requirement to become a full member of Metro Labourforce Cooperative Society is a one-off registration fee of 50,000 naira. This fee is not refundable.

Land acquisition

Save Equity Contribution over a period of 18 months and own a piece of land suitable for your home construction. The 18 months land purchase can be completed before the stated time with two available options, 
1.    Outright payment – Cost reduction incentive
2.    Subscription plan of up to 18 months (subject to offer)  



You are eligible for NHF loan by your membership of the cooperative and contribution of a percentage of your monthly income to FMBN for at least 6 months.



After Six months, the cooperative will assist you to access your NHF home loan to the tune of the amount your income can afford you.

Your reasonable commitment towards your equity contribution is a prerequisite for application for your NHF home loan.

Our financial advisory team will be available at this stage to guide the subscriber through getting the right loan for their income level.

This is not a compulsory stage; subscribers can choose to make outright payment for their property.


Once your NHF loan is booked Subscribers can now move into their homes and commence servicing of their loans.

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