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  • Is this program open to only members of Metro Labourforce Cooperative Society?
    Yes, to participate in this program, you MUST be a member of Metro Labourforce Cooperative Society.
  • What is equity contribution?
    This is your contribution to the total cost of the property.
  • What if I decide to pay up my equity in less than 18 months?
    Yes, that is possible and will put you on the advantage.
  • Am I eligible for NHF if I am in informal employment?
    Yes, NHF is open to formal and informal sectors
  • How much can I receive from the FMBN?
    Up to 15million, this is dependent on your income
  • Can I pay for the development of the house in instalments rather than take NHF loan?
    Yes, but you must be willing to maintain an agreed timeline
  • What happens if I default in equity contribution subscription?
    You stand a risk of losing the provisional allocation.
  • How long will I have to pay back my NHF loan?
    This depends on your current age at the time of disbursement. 60 – Current age
  • How long before the house is ready for move in?
    24 months
  • What if I am already contributing with the FMBN?
    In this case, you will pay the equity and have your NHF number ready upon request.
  • Where is the Land located?
    Katampe 1 - Abuja
  • Is this offer only open to those living in Abuja?
  • Can I still join metro coop even if I don’t want this subscription?
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